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4:10pm Sept 14 2011

Everyone MUST get a zoning permit before rebuilding. Please see the Zoning Administrator as soon as possible. Michele Braun 485-5431

10:16am Sept 13 2011:

Home Share Now is facilitating short- and long-term home sharing matches for people displaced by Irene. We are offering our services free of charge when arranging short-term matches to house Vermonters with immediate needs. If the flood has left people in your community homeless, or you know of people with room in their home to share during this time of crisis, please have them call Home Share Now at 802-479-8544. Learn more about home sharing athttp://www.homesharenow.org/.

10:14am Sept 13 2011:

The Woods at Wihakowi, a lodging and retreat facility in Northfield, will be hosting its once-monthly dinner in Abigail's Dining Room on Friday, September 23. This month, the proceeds from the event, which is open to the public, will be donated to the Northfield Emergency Relief Fund at Northfield Savings Bank. For more information and to make a reservation, call 802-778-0205, or visit www.thewoodsvt.com.

4:47pm Sept 9 2011:

Grants up to $5000 are available to small businesses from the VT Irene Fund: http://www.vtirenefund.org/

2:33pm Sept 9 2011:

(From Jim): Just to let people know where we are with recovery/clean up efforts. We will need volunteers for Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. NU will send students both of those days. Other than that, we are running out of clean up projects. Most homes are emptied out, mud is out, walls are out, yards are cleaned, and trash removed. If anyone has needs, please see me ASAP. We will be in our current location until Monday. After that, I'll be around town as needed and on the phone at 793-1330.

2:40pm Sept 8 2011:

FEMA Recovery Assistance Center will be established here in Northfield at the Gray Building (1st Floor) within the next 72 hours.

2:50pm Sept 7 2011:

Needed: storage units. Dry, secure, temporary units to keep remaining personal belongings safe.

11:00am Sept 7 2011:

Here is some great, updated info on FEMA, please read if you had flooding or other damage due to Irene.

10:47am Sept 7 2011:

The Town & Village would love your photos! We need to document and ultimately map the extent of the flood and the damage, and photos will be very helpful. Please email them to mbraun@northfield.vt.us. Thanks!

The showers in Plumley are also open 8 am to 8 pm, and clean towels, soap, shampoo, etc are available at the resource center.

2:07pm Sept 6th 2011:

If you have not yet registered with FEMA, please call 1-800-621-3362.

1:45pm Sept 6th 2011:

There is a trailer with showers and a washer and dryer located in front of the fire station, and it will be open daily from 8am to 10pmAnd, anyone who needs detergent or hygiene supplies, they are available in the vacant space next to the Knotty Shamrock. 

11:00am Sept 6th 2011:

As property owners start making plans to rebuild, they should talk to Michele Braun, the Zoning Administrator, about the permitting process. The Selectboard has waived the fees, and we'll do all we can to expedite things, but properties in the flood hazard zone will need to get permits. Call 
485-5431 or email mbraun@northfield.vt.us.

10:00am Sept 6th 2011:

From Lisa Mingel Burr:

This is THE MOST IMPORTANT LINK you can share:http://www.fema.gov/assistance/index.shtm
FEMA is not going to help you if they don't know you exist. If you have had damage to your home, if you need clothing, food, etc. You can get help for repairs and replacement of your home and land, or if you are in temporary housing, you can get help to compensate your hosts.

2:00pm Sept 5th 2011:

If you have had flood damage and need any kind of help, please visit the good folks in the new Resource Center in the old Sambel's Realty office (next to the florist on Main St). They have answers.

9:00pm Sept 4th 2011:

We need people with trucks, and plenty of extra hands to help bring cleaning kits and shovels to the affected homes. Look for Jim at the command 
center on Wall Street. Thanks!
Also, the American Legion will be serving a free community dinner again from 5 to 6:30 pm (48 Depot Square). It is open to community members, volunteers, work crews and affected families. We hope to see you there!

2:34pm Sept 4th 2011:

If you'd like to donate, please bring NON-PERISHABLE items to The Square Biscuit restaurant in downtown Northfield--located on the common. Please bring food to the back entrance (green door) and leave it near the kitchen. Items of specific need are the following (to be packed into lunches): peanut butter, jelly, bread, apples/oranges, granola or nutrigrain bars, juice boxes, chips/cookie packs, sandwiche bags–both paper and plastic ziploc bags, makings for trail mix–raisins, nuts, choc chips, etc.

ALSO--Personal care items and other household supplies are available on East Street next to Delary’s Plumbing. All those effected are welcome to stop by. This space will be open Sunday and Monday from 9-4, later hours TBD. Items available here are clothing (of all sizes), towels, home goods. If you would like to donate, we still could use more of the following items: diapers size 1 & 2, baby food, pet food, sandwich bags, rubber gloves, shampoo, feminine supplies, cleaning supplies (sponges, paper towels, etc.). For the moment, we have enough clothing. Please do not bring more clothing at this time. The items above are in greater need.